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Long-Term Disability

disability lawyerMany people purchase a Long-Term Disability Policy for the peace of mind of knowing that they will receive an income in the event that they are unable to work due to an injury, disease or disability. Often, these types of policies are provided as one of an assortment of benefits by an employer. Every policy is unique but all have are similar in that Long-Term Disability Benefits are payable provided you meet the ‘definition of disability’ which usually means an impairment, injury or disease which prevents you from performing the essential duties of your employment. The definition of disability typically changes after 2 years with benefits only being payable if your injury, disease or disability prevents you from working in any occupation for which you are reasonably suited by education, training or experience.

Unfortunately, thousands of people with legitimate claims are denied their rightful Long-Term Disability Benefits. Often, a decision of whether Long-Term Disability Benefits will be paid is delayed for months, forcing a policyholder to spend their personal savings, cash in RRSPs or borrow money to survive. When a decision is made, it is often that inadequate medical documentation has been provided to support the claim. The policyholder is often caught in a no-win situation of having an obligation to provide medical documentation to support the claim while the insurance company, in its sole discretion, decides what constitutes sufficient documentation.  The adjudication process is designed to avoid payment all together or to delay and frustrate payment. Unfortunately the process works and many policyholders are so exhausted they give up.

Retaining a lawyer with the experience in handling Long-Term and Short-Term Disability claims is often the only way to ensure you receive rightful payment of your benefits. Long-Term and Short-Term Disability Benefit cases are a specialty of the Taylor Law Firm.  Let us right the wrong. Call us toll free at 1-800-257-6876 or contact us by E-Mail info@taylorlawfirm.ca for a free consultation and case assessment.  For your convenience, it will be our pleasure to meet you and your family in your home or hospital room.